Our grant will provide hardy plant material for the gardens behind the swings and adjacent to the stairwell entrance of the park to maintain the health of the beds and limit their use as a walkway. The garden beds will be cordoned off and educational plant information will be provided.
The grant is for the horticultural therapy program for the patients of the hospital located in Center City Philadelphia.
Plants, seeds and planting materials for the children's educational food garden.
EDUCATIONAL AND COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT GRANT Chipping Hill Micro Farms encourages children to eat healthy while...
The grant will provide funds to purchase blueberry bushes, new varieties of grapes, rhubarb plants for the kitchen garden, roses (with trellis), lilacs, viburnums and hydrangeas to be planted throughout this historic Victorian garden in Germantown.
Face to Face grant dollars will enable the purchase of garden supplies, tools and a drip irrigation system for the 25-plot community garden. Produce grown will be used to prepare the meals currently served to this Germantown community, and extras to be distributed in their fresh market-free of charge.
The grant will allow the purchase of pruning tools, two fruit tree ladders, wheelbarrows, trowels and tree tags supplies for the robust Get Up and Green community gardening program. They are working toward becoming a Level 1 arboretum.
The grant will enable the purchase of seeds, perennials and supplies for the hospital’s horticultural therapy gardening program. The theme for the plantings this year is Native American plants
The grant dollars will provide their Heritage Fam with funds to purchase 70 different seed varieties, potting mix, poles to support tomatoes and peppers, mulch and compost to treat the soil of the growing beds.
NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN TRUST www.ngtrust.org Our grant supports renovation of a shade and respite garden at...