The Board of the Philadelphia Committee is composed of members from the ten Garden Club of America garden clubs in the Philadelphia area.  Each club has three delegates: the club president along with two delegates, one of whom is the liaison to the Fertilizer Fund grant program.   All officers of the board must be delegates from their respective club.  There are 30 voting members on the board who  decide what projects are worthy of funds and how much is to be distributed to that project.

The present chair of the Philadelphia Committee of The Garden Club of America is Susan Warren Ayres.

susan ayres


Chairman:  Susan Ayres

The Garden Workers

First Vice Co-Chair:  Diane Drinker

Wissahickon Garden Club

First Vice Co-Chair:  Susie Leonard

The Providence Garden Club

Second Vice  Co-Chair:  Carolyn Adams

Wissahickon Garden Club

Second Vice Co-Chair:  Sonya  Driscoll

The Weeders

Third Vice Co Chair: Nancy Van Orman

West Chester Garden Club

Third Vice Co-Chair:  Gail Warner-Lidondici

West Chester Garden Club

Co-Recording Secretary:  Wyn Coghlan

The Gardners

Co-Recording Secretary:  C. Nancy Evans

The Weeders

Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Van Orman

The West Chester Garden Club

Treasurer:  Binney McCague

The Gardeners

Governance Chairman: Gail Middendorf

The Garden Club of Philadelphia